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Prep + Care Guide

To ensure the best results from your airbrush tan, be sure to follow our Prep + Care guide! We also carry an array of before and after care products to help you achieve a beautiful, long-lasting tan.



Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliation is essential for creating a smooth surface and even tan. Please exfoliate 1-2 days before your airbrush tan, as many exfoliants contain oils that can act as a barrier. We recommend using an exfoliating mitt or, if you're in a pinch, a washcloth with gel body wash and a little sugar or salt will do!


Prepping Skin

On the day of your tan, skin should be free of lotion, oil, deodorant, and makeup. Please avoid using Dove products and in-shower moisturizers/oils a few days in advance as they will act as a barrier. A simple gel body wash will do. 


What to Wear

Women have the option to go au naturel. We also offer disposable items such as flower pasties, paper thongs, hair ties, and hair caps. Alternatively, you may bring something you prefer to wear (just remember, whatever you wear will be your tan lines!) Men are required to wear briefs or shorts, either your own or ones provided. Thank you for your understanding.



Bring loose, dark clothing and flip-flops to wear after your tan. We recommend skipping the bra afterwards, as this can leave an impression in the tan. In case of rain, be sure to cover up and bring an umbrella!



Tanning solutions are clear but contain bronzers which act as a guide and rinse off with your first shower. These bronzers are water-soluble and will wash out of most fabrics except silk, nylon, and leather. If your car's leather seats are light-colored, consider bringing a towel to protect them.

*If your skin is peeling from a sunburn, we do not recommend spray tanning. In some cases, you could be turned away.



Immediately After Your Tan

Depending on the type of tan you do, you can shower anywhere from 2 hours to overnight after your appointment. At your appointment, your spray tan artist will provide you with a specific timeframe based on the product used and your desired color.


You will want to wait to workout until after your first shower to avoid sweating off the bronzer - which is the cosmetic part of your tan. However, we highly recommend waiting 24 hours before wearing tight clothing and engaging in activities that cause sweating, as this has the potential to leave imprints or cause a streaky tan while the tan is still developing.



You will see color washing off the first time you shower. This is the immediate bronzer that was applied. You will continue to tan as the spray tan reaction occurs. Gently wash your skin with a body wash or shower gel. It is recommended to avoid long baths, oil-based body washes, harsh exfoliants, really hot showers, and chlorine as these elements can fade your tan.



Moisturizing is key to maintaining your glow! Use a water-based lotion twice daily. Hydrated skin will make your tan last longer and slow down the process of natural skin exfoliation. We offer a variety of water-based lotions and extenders designed to prolong your tan - just ask the front desk!


Before Your Next Tan

Before your next tan, you'll want to ensure all previous tanner is removed from your skin to prevent buildup and uneven color. To remove your previous tan, use a washcloth with gel body wash.

Have Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have before your visit!

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