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Each airbrush tan is fully customized to your skin tone and hand-sprayed by our artist to your desired level of darkness. Service includes spray tan, light contouring, custom blending, full-body dry, and setting powder with add-ons available.


Natural Ingredients




Signature Bungalow Glow

This is our most popular airbrush tan. We start at your natural color and take you to the color of your dreams! Depending on your mixture, contains natural ingredients like Aloe, coconut, hibiscus extract, and Vitamin C, E, and A. 


Bungalow Ocean Mist

Introducing our ultra-hydrating custom airbrush tan! Enriched with aloe, vitamin C, and cucumber, our signature hydration mist is applied before and after your tan. Enjoy a smoother, more youthful, and longer-lasting glow. Plus, it eliminates post-tan odor!

Signature $78         Express $80

Bungalow Glow 1/2 Shot

Take any of our tans and apply to half of your body. Choose between a hips-down or chest-up tan. Perfect for a special occasion outfit that shows off one part of the body!

Signature $35   Express $37  Clear $38

Express Bungalow Glow 

A quick-and-easy version of our signature tan. Rinse off in 2-3 hours and watch your tan develop over the next day! Full tan develops after 24 hours. 


Clear Bungalow Glow

Our clear solution is ideal for mature skin or those concerned about color transfer. It's free of cosmetic bronzers, so it goes on clear and develops gradually. This reduces the chance of darkening age spots, and you won't need to worry about staining your clothes or bedding!


**Development times vary depending on your desired darkness and the chosen formula. Your spray tan artist will provide you with exact times during your appointment.

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Tropical Mist

Enriched with Vitamin C, white tea, and cucumber, our tropical mist hydrates and smooths skin for more radiant, long-lasting color. Also eliminates post-tan aromas and ensures a more even fade. Can be misted before and after tanning depending on desired level of hydration.

Single Hydration - $5           Double Hydration - $10

Signature Coconut Scent


This beachy coconut scent is our store's signature scent. It will make you smell and feel like you've spent the day lounging on a tropical island -seriously!


Sunset Shimmer

This illuminating shimmer adds an extra beautiful glow to your tan. If you are going to an event immediately after your appointment, this is the perfect touch to add an extra sparkle to your look. Rinses off with first shower.


Vitilgo Correction

Our spray tan artist specializes in color matching and can blend contrasting complexions to create a more consistent color all over. Feel free to contact the boutique for a consultation, otherwise you and the artist can go over everything at your appointment! 

Starting at $15



Our anti-aging drops are enriched with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and bamboo extract to diminish fine lines, promote clearer, firmer skin and enhance your skin's overall health.


CBD Drops


Formulated with plant-derived collagen and moisturizing aloe, our THC-free blend is perfect for achieving a flawless glow while addressing skin concerns and soothing muscle & joint pain.

Starting at $10

Slimming Drops

Our slimming drops are infused with caffeine and ivy extract for a smoother, tighter complexion. Reduce wrinkles, deeply hydrate, and reveal a brighter, youthful glow!


Hyaluronic Acid Drops


Our hyaluronic acid drops are enriched with antioxidants and nourishing Vitamin E, deeply moisturizing and illuminating skin for a softer, clearer complexion.


Bungalow Passport




$249 (saves $6 a tan)

$479 (saves $8 a tan)

$659 (saves $13 a tan)

*Savings are approximate

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Have Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have before your visit!

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