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Gift Certificates are available!

Signature Bungalow Glow

 The  is our signature, custom, full-body airbrush tan and is one of our most popular tans. We start at your natural color and take you to the color of your dreams! This is sure to make you feel the glow of the island.


Signature Bungalow Glow (Organic)

We want to ensure that everyone can bask in the Island Glow! We offer a fully-organic and vegan alternative to our typical tanner that is sure to give you a glow just as good as the original!



Bungalow Express

This is a quick-and-easy tan similar to our signature tan. However, you will need to take a shower within two hours or 3 1/2  depending on type of this service. This is great for same-day functions where you need to shower and get ready. tan shows up next day.



1/2 Shot

This is sure to make heads turn. It’s our signature tan but from the hips down. Toss out those nylons and wear those shorts, or a cute dress, with confidence for a sexy, slimmer look! Other option is to spray from the chest up!

Legs only $35
Chest & up $35

Sun-Kissed Kiss

Refresh your face with a spray of sunshine for that sun-kissed look. We always look healthier with a glow! This is great for refreshing the Island Glow.


Sexy on the Beach

This cocktail is a show stopper! This sultry concoction includes our signature tan, Island Glow, with our Lava Glow contouring and a Sunset Shimmer all packaged together to achieve the sexiest you.



Sunset Shimmer

Add a hint of glimmer to any of our menu items for an even sexier glowing tan. Shimmer washes off with your first shower. Ask about a take home shimmer!

Additional $10

Bungalow's Custom Coconut Scent

Add a custom scent to your spray tan. Smell great all day until you shower. Ask about your custom scent to take home!

Additional $3


CBD Drops

Additional $10 per Unit

Slimming Drops

Additional $5

Anti-Aging Drops

Additional $5


Additional $5 each

Double before & after $10

Vitiligo Correction

Additional $15

Full-Body Powder

Additional $7

Island Passports: Packaged visits to the Island

Pack of 4 - 249.00

Pack of 8 - 479.00

Pack of 12 - 659.00 

All tan packages can be upgraded to organic or express for 10.00 per session.

*We offer paper thongs and flower pasties with your spray tan. We also finish every tan with a wonderful dust of lavender. We ensure your tan looks real with fine details.


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